After a year of using Python, here’s what I love most

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There are loads of ways to…

Which is the better service?

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Medium — The Good

I like I was a member for a long time. I believe I got a lot of value from my subscription. We’ve all heard the term ‘echo chamber’, where everything we read only reinforces the views and opinions we already hold. Well, for me, the medium algorithm of recommending stories didn’t turn my reading into an echo chamber. It constantly offered me interesting, sometimes challenging and different articles for consumption. One of the biggest things to respect about is the profit sharing scheme. …

Setting up a PHP backend and accepting JavaScript variables to PHP and dealing with output

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How I became a corana-fundamentalist

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My Conversion

At the start of the lock down, the only shop that was allowed to open, was Tesco. People weren’t allowed out of their homes except for exercise or to go to Tesco. People hate exercise, so everyone just went to Tesco. This resulted in massive queues outside their stores. It was during a 2 hour wait back in April when I became a convert.

How to combat the effects during lockdown

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The Problem

I sit at the dining table nursing a strong black coffee. Dark circles ring my eyes. There’s a dull pain just above my right eye. I feel terrible.

Go from Zero to Hero with these Top Tips!

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No Qualifications, No Experience…No Hope of a Job?

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The Journey

Mine is a familiar story. You do all the mandatory schooling, you then stick around for A’Levels (because that’s what your friends are doing). At 18 you are terrified of getting a job and decide to go to University (because that’s what your friends are doing). You have no idea what your passions or interests are, so you choose to do Chemistry (because you were attracted to your Chemistry teacher at school!). By the time you have graduated, you realise that your passions and interests certainly do not include chemistry.

Part 2: Presenting the data!

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A Step by Step Guide to a Complicated Process

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Part 1: Extracting the data from articles read

Macbook with graphs and stats on screen
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Richard Quinn

“Old man changes career to become a Software Developer after 20 years in an unrelated sector”

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